Australias Pacific Neighbours

Pacific Islands call on help from neighbouring 'bigger countries' to battle climate change
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There is no time to lose. The UN has urged all nations around the world to cut emissions by 45 per cent by the year and reach net zero emissions by While those numbers are reflected in Labor's climate policy ahead of the weekend's election, the Coalition is aiming for a lesser 28 per cent reduction by and has not set any goals for carbon neutrality. In a statement released following the meeting with the secretary-general, the forum warned climate change had become "the single greatest threat" to the region.

Both the forum and the UN secretary-general warned global warming needed to be limited to less than 1.

China’s influence continues to grow

We will lose our homes, our ways of life, our well-being and our livelihoods. We know this because we are experiencing loss already. Addressing the leaders at the Pacific Islands Forum, Mr Guterres said he had a clear message to share with governments in the Pacific. Taxpayer money should not be used to boost hurricanes, spread drought and heatwaves, melt glaciers, and bleach corals. We need a green economy, not a grey economy. While nations in the Pacific have already felt the effects of climate change particularly harshly, the forum said the same effects were bound to flow-on to the rest of the world if action was not taken swiftly.

The group said cyclones and flooding had already torn apart several villages throughout the region, as a direct result of climate change.

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About the document Australia values its close links with the island countries of the Pacific, and plays an active role in the region. We recognise that although. While Pacific peoples are resourceful and resilient, we depend on the cooperation of our bigger neighbours — Australia and New Zealand.

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PM set to redirect $500m in aid to Pacific neighbours for renewables, climate resilience

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Show more It has been several decades since we have seen such from our elected federal governments. As an example, surely it is evident we need a plan to phase out coal and focus on renewables for our energy requirements. The vast majority of Australians do not support the Prime Minister's position on coal mining and emissions Letters , August For him to claim he is "accountable to the Australian people" is hypocrisy and spin, presumably to salve his conscience.

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The PM has insulted our Pacific neighbours and misrepresented most Australians. Australians will suffer the consequences of the intransigence of our politicians on the question of climate change. They are not acting in our best interests when they disparage political leaders whose responsibilities include saving the existence of the people they represent. The PM talks about the Pacific family around the table, tin-eared to what the family is telling him.

Aren't family members meant to care about one another and help fellow members in need? We either do our fair share or we are just giving other countries an excuse to also do little or nothing, condemning us all.

Neighbours, Asia/Pacific: Junior Primary English, Year 3

We know with absolute certainty that every tonne of coal we burn is only making the problem worse. We should act now. The PM is willing to condemn Pacific islanders to a watery fate by protecting Australia's coal interests. Will he be offering homes on dry land in Australia to the residents displaced as their islands flood?

The Australian Electoral Commission determined that while there are many GetUp policies which are similar to those of the ALP and the Greens, it rejected the suggestion that GetUp is merely a front these two political parties '' Fresh bid to curb activist group GetUp '', August If Prime Minister Scott Morrison pursues GetUp in the manner that he has suggested , will he do the same with the right-wing think tanks and Liberal associated organisations which unashamably support the Liberal Party? Note to our PM: GetUp is not a political group.

It represents grass-roots campaigning for a more honest government, and for policies that are in the public interest.


At the same time, Australia has looked on with worry, and pushed back at times, as China has pursued a military buildup in the South China Sea aimed at asserting itself on matters of territory, navigation and resources. That healthy koala colony is at the south-west edge of Sydney where its bushland is about to be obliterated by 70, new dwellings. Mind you, the "red bins" are a mere five metres away. These included Wananchi, which specialises in water purification technologies, and emergency paramedic and evacuation company, Aspen Medical. We could remove and process huge quantities of water from the Pacific Ocean, pump it out west to replenish our ruined rivers and irrigate our unsuitable crops, and generally rehydrate the vast tracts of land we've deforested and denuded. It was not the first time China has made such a military visit, but it was larger than previous port calls. Picture: Justin McManus And while our former prime minister Tony Abbott was adept at shock-jock diplomacy - denigrating the UN climate conference as "socialism, masquerading as environmentalism" - our current Prime Minister has it mastered.

The PM's intemperate attack on GetUp's bias is amusing, given the simply bewildering array of organisations that are blatantly biased toward his party including the IPA plus the vast majority of mass media. Morrison has time to look at the bullying allegations levelled against GetUp but not apparently those levelled against his own party from many women within it.

Australia's Neighbouring Countries - Task 3 - ICT

What gives Morrison the right to presume he knows what is good for me? I consider myself a mature, free-thinking, educated adult who can make up her own mind about what organisations she wishes to follow, or join, or discard. I choose to discard 98 per cent of what the Prime Minister and his cronies say or believe; that is my choice and right.

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I choose to follow and respond to 98 per cent of GetUp's beliefs, opinions and actions - and that is my choice and my right. Is the Prime Minister talking about the Liberal Party? As a respectable, middle-class, 77 year-old grandmother and an enthusiastic volunteer participant in GetUp's election campaign, I can assure you that the only shady goings-on were conducted by those who blatantly lied publicly about what we were doing. These lies are now being resuscitated and propagated by a Prime Minister whose only policies appear to be a determined support of the coal industry, plus a vindictive vendetta against anyone who has opposed him and his cohorts.