Lockheed C-130 Hercules and its Variants

C-130 Hercules
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erp.ramlimited.com/sinking-the-ship-and-other-stories.php The versatile airframe has found uses in a variety of other roles, including as a gunship , for airborne assault , search and rescue , scientific research support, weather reconnaissance, aerial refueling and aerial firefighting. The Hercules family has the longest continuous production run of any military aircraft in history.

During more than 50 years of service the family has participated in military, civilian and humanitarian aid operations. The new transport would have a capacity for 92 passengers, 72 combat troops or 64 paratroopers, a range of nmi km -2 , takeoff capability from short and unprepared strips, and the ability to fly with one engine shut down. Fairchild, North American, Martin and Northrop declined to participate. The remaining five companies tendered a total of ten designs: Lockheed two, Boeing one, Chase three, Douglas three, Airlifts Inc. The contest was a close affair between the lighter of the two Lockheed preliminary project designation L proposals and a four-turboprop Douglas design.

The Lockheed design team was led by Willis Hawkins , starting with a page proposal for the Lockheed L , and another two-turboprop and heavier one. The first flight of the YC prototype was made on August 23 , from the Lockheed plant in Burbank , California.

This LC-130, nicknamed a "ski bird," was built in 1976.

The aircraft, serial number , was the second prototype but the first of the two to fly. Kelly Johnson flew chase in a P2V Neptune. After the two prototypes were completed, production began in Marietta, Georgia , where more than 2, Cs have been built. The initial production model, the CA , was powered by Allison T56 -A-9 turboprops with three-blade propellers. Deliveries began in December , continuing until the introduction of the CB model in Some A models were re-designated CD after being equipped with skis.

Airplanes equipped with giant skis were designated as CDs, but were essentially A-models except for the conversion. As the CA became operational with Tactical Air Command TAC , the airplane's lack of range became apparent and additional fuel capacity was added in the form of external pylon-mounted tanks at the end of the wings. The CB model was developed to complement the A-models that had previously been delivered,and incorporated new features, particularly increased fuel capacity in the form of auxiliary tanks built into the center wing section and an AC electrical system.

Four-bladed Hartzell propellers replaced the Aero Product three-bladed propellers that distinguished the earlier A-models. B-models replaced A-models in the th and rd Troop Carrier Wings. The extended range CE model entered service in after it developed as an interim long-range transport for the Military Air Transport Service. Essentially a B-model, the new designation was the result of the installation of 5, liter 1, US gallon fuel tanks under each wing.

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The E model also featured structural improvements, avionics upgrades and a higher gross weight. The two wing-mounted hose and drogue aerial refueling pods each transfer up to 19 liters per second equivalent to US gallons per minute to two aircraft simultaneously, allowing for rapid cycle times of multiple-receiver aircraft formations, a typical tanker formation of four aircraft in less than 30 minutes. The CH model has updated Allison TA turboprops, a redesigned outer wing , updated avionics and other minor improvements.

Later H models had a new, fatigue-life-improved, center wing that was retro-fitted to many earlier H-models. An improved CH was introduced in The 3 denoting the third variation in design for the H series. Improvements included a partial glass cockpit ADI and HSI instruments , a more capable APN color radar, night vision device compatible instrument lighting and an improved electrical system using Bus Switching Units to provide 'clean' power to the more sensitive upgraded components.

The CH Hercules C. This aircraft was heavily modified with its most prominent feature being the long red and white striped atmospheric probe on the nose to the extent that it was given the designation W. This aircraft, named Snoopy , was withdrawn in Equipped for deep deployment of pararescue men PJs , survival equipment, and aerial refueling of combat rescue helicopters, HCs are usually the on-scene command aircraft for combat SAR missions. Early versions were equipped with the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system , designed to pull a person off the ground using a wire strung from a helium balloon.

The Fulton system was later removed when aerial refueling of helicopters proved safer and more versatile. The CT is similar, but has numerous avionics improvements over the R model and is fully night-vision system compatible. The RC is a reconnaissance version. The Lockheed L L is a civilian variant, equivalent to a CE model without pylon tanks or military equipment.

The L also has 2 stretched versions: the L has an 8. The L has not seen widespread use in the civilian market. In the s Lockheed proposed a C variant with turbofan engines rather than turboprops, but the US Air Force preferred the takeoff performance of the existing aircraft. The project was canceled and the C has remained in production. At some air shows featuring the team, Fat Albert takes part, performing flyovers.

Until , it also demonstrated its rocket-assisted takeoff RATO capabilities; these ended due to dwindling supplies of rockets. The AC also holds the record for the longest sustained flight by a C The gunship has been used in every major U. After the initial invasion, C operators as part of the Multinational force in Iraq used their Cs to support their forces in Iraq.

Military Aircraft Forecast:

The CB model was developed to complement the A-models An electronic reconnaissance variant of the CB was. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lockheed C Hercules and its Variants chronicles the development and career of the world's predominant military.

In , France and Germany announced that they are to build up a joint air transport squadron at Evreux Air Base , France, comprising ten CJ aircraft. Six of these will be operated by Germany. Initial operational capability is expected for while full operational capability is scheduled for For almost two decades, the wing's th Airlift Squadron and the U.

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Coast Guard have participated in oil spill cleanup exercises to ensure the U. During the 5-week mission, the YARS aircrews flew 92 sorties and sprayed approximately 30, acres with nearly , gallons of oil dispersant to break up the oil. The Deepwater Horizon mission was the first time the US used the oil dispersing capability of the th AW—its only large area, fixed-wing aerial spray program—in an actual spill of national significance.

Cs temporarily based at Kelly Field conducted mosquito control aerial spray applications over areas of eastern Texas devastated by Hurricane Harvey. This special mission treated more than 2. The th Airlift Wing operates the Department of Defense's only aerial spray capability to control pest insect populations, eliminate undesired and invasive vegetation and disperse oil spills in large bodies of water. The aerial spray flight also is now able to operate during the night with NVG's , which increases the flight's best case spray capacity from approximately 60 thousand acres per day to approximately thousand acres per day.

Spray missions are normally conducted at dusk and nighttime hours when pest insects are most active, the U.

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Air Force Reserve reports. Forest Service developed the Modular Airborne FireFighting System for the C in the s, which allows regular aircraft to be temporarily converted to an airtanker for fighting wildfires. Forest Service, which then transferred them to six private companies to be converted into air tankers. After one of these aircraft crashed due to wing separation in flight as a result of fatigue stress cracking, the USFS stopped contracting the CA for fire fighting.

Some operators continue to fly the CAs for other missions. The combined system is FAA certified. The C Hercules has had a low accident rate in general.

About the C-130J Hercules

Back to top. No customer reviews. Tull Charitable Foundation. The extended range CE model entered service in after it developed as an interim long-range transport for the Military Air Transport Service. It includes new information and pictures on current variants, along with updated appendices with present day units and active aircraft.

The Royal Air Force recorded an accident rate of about one aircraft loss per , flying hours over the last 40 years, placing it behind Vickers VC10s and Lockheed TriStars with no flying losses. A total of 70 aircraft were lost by the U. Air Force and the U. By the nature of the Hercules' worldwide service, the pattern of losses provides an interesting barometer of the global hot spots over the past 50 years. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Lockheed C Hercules Wikipedia open wikipedia design.

For other aircraft called "Hercules", see Hercules disambiguation Vehicles. Military transport aircraft. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. For civilian versions, see Lockheed L Hercules. Main article: List of C Hercules operators. Current operators. Former operators. Main article: List of accidents and incidents involving the Lockheed C Hercules.

Aviation portal. William Caldwell, pilot; Lt. John Hering, co-pilot; Lt. Richard A. Lenz, navigator; Tech.

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Lockheed C-130 Hercules

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