Generalized functions in mathematical physics. Main ideas and concepts

Generalized function
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Generalized functions are defined as continuous linear functionals over a space of infinitely differentiable functions such that all continuous functions have derivatives which are themselves generalized functions. Therefore, the foundations of the theory of distributions became necessary for general education of physicists and mathematicians. This item doesn't belong on this page. Therefore, in order to prove inequality 6. You Are Viewing. Find the appropriate definitions of the generalized solutions for the following problems: 56 1. By a famous result of L.

The second group of papers contains various classes of distributions and algebras of generalized functions with applications in linear and nonlinear differential equations, initial value problems and boundary value problems, stochastic and Malliavin-type differential equations. This second group of papers are related to the third collection of papers via the setting of Colombeau-type spaces and algebras in which microlocal analysis is developed by means of techniques in asymptotics. The volume contains the synergies of the three areas treated and is a useful complement to volumes , , , , and published in the same series in, respectively, , , , , and Springer Professional.

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Generalized Functions in Mathematical Physics - Main Ideas & Concepts (Hardcover)

In this paper we give a survey of elliptic theory for operators associated with diffeomorphisms of smooth manifolds. Such operators appear naturally in analysis, geometry and mathematical physics. We survey classical results as well as results obtained recently. The paper consists of an introduction and three sections.

In the introduction we give a general overview of the area of research. In the remaining sections we give detailed formulations of the most important results mentioned in the introduction.

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We investigate the structure of branching asymptotics appearing in solutions to elliptic edge problems. The exponents in powers of the half-axis variable, logarithmic terms, and coefficients depend on the variables on the edge and may be branching. The explicit formulas are developed using Fourier—Wigner transforms, pseudo-differential operators of the Weyl type, i.

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We give the hierarchical Heisenberg group underpinning the hierarchical twisted Laplacian discovered recently. This hierarchical twisted Laplacian is obtained by taking the inverse Fourier transform of a sub-Laplacian with respect to a subcenter of the hierarchical Heisenberg group.

Using parametrized versions of Wigner transforms and Weyl transforms, we give formulas for the heat kernels and Green functions of the parametrized hierarchical twisted Laplacians. Taking the Fourier transform of the parametrized heat kernels so obtained, we give explicit formulas for the heat kernel and Green function of the hierarchical sub-Laplacian on the hierarchical Heisenberg group.

Theory and Applications

We consider modulation space and spaces of Schatten—von Neumann symbols where corresponding pseudo-differential operators map one Hilbert space to another. We also prove continuity properties for such spaces under the twisted convolution, and the Weyl product. These results lead to continuity properties for twisted convolutions on Lebesgue spaces, e.

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Linear time invariant LTI systems have produced a rich set of ideas including the concepts of convolution, impulse response function, causality, and stability, among others. We discuss how these concepts are generalized when we consider invariance other than time shift invariance. We call such systems linear operator invariant systems because the invariance is characterized by an operator. In the standard case of LTI systems the relation between input and output function in the Fourier domain is multiplication. We generalize this and show that multiplication still holds in the operator transform domain.

Transforming back to the time domain defines generalized convolution.

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We transform an initial value problem for a stochastic differential equation to the time-frequency domain. The result is a deterministic time-frequency equation whose forcing term incorporates the given set of initial values.

Generalized functions in mathematical physics

The structure and solution of the time-frequency equation reveal the spectral properties of the nonstationary random process solution to the stochastic differential equation. By applying our method to the Langevin equation, we obtain the exact time-frequency spectrum for an arbitrary initial value. Transform Analysis of Generalized Functions. Transform analysis of generalized functions. Generalized Functions, Properties and Operations.

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Generalized functions: Theory and technique. Mathematical Methods in Physics. Green's Functions in Quantum Physics. Explorations in Mathematical Physics.

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Buy Generalized Functions in Mathematical Physics: Main Ideas and Concepts ( Horizons in World Physics) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified. a some basic ideas, concepts, results of the theory of generalized functions (first of of mathematical physics (the Laplace equation, the heat equation, the string .

Mathematical methods in physics. Functions, spaces, and expansions: Mathematical tools in physics and engineering. Greens Functions in Quantum Physics. Mathematical Physics.

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Mathematical physics. Handbook of Mathematical Functions. Recommend Documents. Main ideas and concepts A.